George Harrison Remembered




Feb. 25, 1943 Harrison is born in Liverpool, England, to Harold and Louise Harrison.
August 1958 He joins The Quarrymen, a group that includes schoolmates Paul McCartney and John Lennon.
1959 He joins McCartney, Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe in a band called the Silver Beatles.
August 1960 The band, now called the Beatles, goes to Germany, quickly becoming a popular local act.
May 9, 1962 Producer George Martin, of EMI subsidiary Parlophone, signs Beatles to first record contract.
October 1962 The Beatles' first single, "Love Me Do," becomes a top-20 hit in Britain.
February 1963 "Please Please Me" becomes the Beatles' first chart-topping song in Britain. The band's first album, also called "Please Please Me," is released the following month.
Dec. 23, 1963 "I Want to Hold Your Hand" becomes the band's first U.S. release; weeks later, it is their first song to top the Billboard charts.
February 1964 Beatles appear on Ed Sullivan show and immediately become the biggest band in America.
July 1964 First Beatles film, "A Hard Day's Night," is released.
Jan. 21, 1966 Harrison marries Patti Boyd.
Aug. 29, 1966 Beatles play last live show, at San Francisco's Candlestick Park.
1967 "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," considered the band's magnum opus, is released.
November 1968 Harrison releases film score "Wonderwall Music," his first solo recording and first LP for Beatles' Apple label.
1969 Harrison's song "Something" is No. 1 hit in United States for The Beatles.
April 10, 1970 McCartney announces he is leaving the Beatles, prompting the band to split up.
1970 Harrison releases solo album, "All Things Must Pass."
Aug. 1, 1971 Concert for Bangladesh is held at Madison Square Garden with friends including Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan and Ravi Shankar. Three-LP live recording produced.
Nov. 2, 1974 Harrison becomes first Beatle to stage solo world tour.
Sept. 7, 1976 He loses lawsuit by copyright holders of Lonnie Mack's "He's So Fine," who claim it was basis for Harrison's "My Sweet Lord."
June 9, 1977 Harrison divorces Patti Boyd, who later marries Eric Clapton.
Aug. 1, 1978 His son Dhani born.
Sept. 2, 1978 Harrison marries Dhani's mother, Olivia Arias.
1979 He establishes Handmade Films to produce Monty Python's "Life of Brian."
July 1981 Harrison's tribute to John Lennon, "All Those Years Ago," featuring McCartney and Starr, peaks at No. 2 in United States.
January 1988 He hits No. 1 in the United States with "Got My Mind Set on You."
1994 Handmade Films sells for $8.5 million.
November 1988 Harrison releases "Traveling Wilburys: Volume One" with Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne.
June 1998 Harrison discloses that he has been treated for throat cancer.
Dec. 30, 1999 He suffers a collapsed lung as he is stabbed several times by deranged man who breaks into his home near London.
July 9, 2001 He confirms that he had radiation treatment in Switzerland for a tumor.
Nov. 29, 2001 Harrison dies of cancer.
February 25, 2002 Tree planted at Griffith Park in Los Angeles in memory of George Harrison.
November 30, 2002 All-star tribute concert in London for George Harrison.
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