George Harrison RememberedYoung George


By Ringa Sunn

I knew the sun was fading And I knew the reason why Now time will have it raining A river from my eyes The gods have come and stolen A large chunk of my life And I still feel I'm holding My own red stabbing knife Inside the voice is saying It's all okay for now But there's no use in playing By heart will not allow I hope you're someplace better Anywhere more than this I'll keep up with the weather And you'll be surely missed So paint my sky a dark shade And draw the curtains back May peace lie where you're laid And deep love never lack.


"Take my time, I'll show you Cloud Nine"

George you shine so brightly in the sky, is that a tear that's forming in my eye? You were one of the wonderful ones Mystic and brilliant and light like the sun The youngest one, the Dark Horse they say I will never forget. I can never repay What you've given me on this merry-go-ride What is my life without you by my side? I look off, and in the distance, I swear I saw John and George, dancing light as the air, Trying not to despair as we let you go Remembering how it was all those years ago... Shine On, Georgie


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